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If you see a hole covered in purple cobblestone (this is easier if you fly or grapple down) go down and often you will find a purple ball, break ball with hammer.


These are enchanted sword shrines. A Shrine is marked by a long, narrow vertical shaft that may reach the surface, and features a small hill with Flower Walls and pools of water on either side. The breakable sword sprite rests atop the hill. If you are lucky (33% chance), you can find an Enchanted Sword or Arkhalis in there, which are pretty nice if ...


It appears that Legendary is the best modifier for melee weapons, which is what the Terra Blade and The Horseman's Blade are classified as. Quoting from the wiki (bold emphasis is mine): All Pickaxes, Hammers, Axes, Hamaxes and swing Melee Weapons can be reforged with these mods, in addition to the top two categories. (Due to their low base damage, the ...


I would suggest beating the Eye of Cthulhu boss; it not only gives you Demonite Ore, but it also gives gold coins. I got 4 coins from it once.


The wiki does have a guide for fighting the Dungeon Guardian. Most of the advice is about how to outrun it because it is nearly impossible to have enough defence to survive even a single hit. The wiki suggests choosing your armour for offensive effects rather than defensive. Thus frost, orichalcum or clorophyte armour, although if you are lucky and good, ...


To quote the wiki: The Meowmere has a 11.11% chance to be dropped by the Moon Lord boss. To Summon the Moon lord you must: Have defeated the Golem (and all preceding bosses). Defeat the Lunatic Cultist outside of your maps dungeon. Defeat all 4 of the Celestial Towers that appear. OR By using a Celestial Sigil, the boss summon item for the Moon ...


You should not have to port forward. Port forwarding enables your ISP to grant outside users access to a specific port on your router. You do not want to do this. If you have, I would recommend you undo this. To answer your question, if you and your brother are both on the same LAN (i.e. the same Wi-Fi network), you should be able to do as follows: Client ...


The Jungle Temple is randomly generated somewhere within the Underground Jungle biome. There is not specific ways for finding it. Note that it can generate on the very edge of the underground jungle, so make sure you have explored the entire jungle to its edges. If you are still having no luck, you could download a map viewer to pinpoint the location of ...


Those are Crimson Hearts. They're roughly equivalent to the Shadow Orbs that you find underground near the Corruption. Every third one smashed will spawn the Brain of Cthulhu boss.


Um... You don't need wine. Terraria works on Ubuntu now. There's a Steam for Ubuntu. You can do it through wine if you want but it plays a little slower. Also if you use Ubuntu's steam to install terraria you'll find your worlds in a different folder. /home/YOURNAME/.local/share/Terraria/ Replace YOURNAME with your username.


After smashing three crimson hearts, the Brain of Cthulhu should spawn. Have you defeated this boss? If so the next stage of the game includes defeating the other two bosses; the eye of Cthulhu (probably easier than the brain) and then Skeletron, which is quite a difficult boss, especially on expert mode. You should aim for better armor, weapons and ...

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