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Yes to Hardmode, no to Expert Mode Expert Mode has no effect on the fishing mechanics at all. There are a number of catches that can only be made while Hardmode is activated, however, such as the Obsidian Swordfish and the Scaly Truffle. Further, crates that you catch can have different contents when opened during Hardmode, such as bars of Hardmode ores. ...


One of the great things about Terraria is that the order of bosses that you defeat is pretty flexible. Some bosses are even completely optional as far as progression goes. That being said, most players will usually beat bosses in the following order: Main Bosses Pre-Hardmode Eye of Cthulhu. Either this boss spawns on its own after a while, or you will ...


King Slime Eye of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu (crimson world)/Eater of Worlds (corruption world) Queen Bee (skippable if you're not melee or summoner) Skeletron Wall of Flesh (killing the WoF activates hardmode) The Mechanical Bosses: Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, The Twins (that's from easiest to hardest, in my opinion, but you can do them in any order) ...


No, their growth rate isn't affected by their size. I did a few experiments by leaving my pc running for a while and cacti that are tree blocks high spawn a new block just as fast as cacti that are one or two blocks high. Of course there is a maximum height at which they stop growing.


First mine some admanite which can be gotten by destroying demon or crimson altars.Then fight the 3 mechanical bosses.Then go fight plantera.Then enter the dungeon for more better weapons.Then kill the cultists that spawn the lunatic cultist.Then kill dukefishron.At last the golem.If you are ready for the bigger challenge, go challenge the MOON LORD.


I think you should always a summoned minion such as the hornet,slime, or imp if you have hellstone. This should help keep some monsters off your back. Have something you can fly with or something that lets you walk in lava. Also have an obsidian shield to avoid being knocked into lava and being hurt when standing on hellstone. Have a fast melee weapon so you ...


For me its actually a bit easy to get a Nazar. I would just go to the Dungeon, Water Candle in Hand+Water Candle Placed+Blattle Potion+Minion: Easy Nazar. WARNING: This Comment is made from a pre 1.2.5 User. I use 1.2.4. My version is 1.2.4, but IDK why the monsters drop their respective banners :I


No, there is only one difficulty transition you can make. Beating the Wall of Flesh again will not change anything further. In fact this is a general characteristic of all Bosses. The game only cares about whether or not you have beaten them at least once. You will likely want to beat them more than one time because they drop good items, and there are no ...


As of version 1.3.1, the PC version of Terraria has official controller support. It has presets for PS4 and Xbox One controllers, as well as custom support.


If you play on an Xbox or PlayStation, you can make a wall of dirt separating the corruption/crimson from the forest and plant Hallowed seeds. The hallow will eventually take over the corruption/crimson. Although the hallow is very dangerous as well as the corruption and crimson, it's a way to make your world less evil.


Once you get the mechanic you can walk through jungle temple by placing actuators on the door and linking a switch to them. Turn on the switch and walk through. Looks like it is still closed but not.


As pointed out in the answer of the How do I build a house for my NPCs? Fill in the house with background walls. Any player-placed wall will work. The Snow background walls are not player placed, you need to replace them with something of your own.


Demon Altars can't be created, either by crafting or by enemy drops. They are purely from world generation. I don't recall a version of Terraria that didn't have Demon Altars, but if for whatever reason your world doesn't have any, you're out of luck. You'll have to create a new world to spawn them. Side note: As for the guide respawning, make sure the new ...


Yes I haven't tested it myself, but according to the Wiki entry for the Papyrus Scarab: This accessory stacks with the Necromantic Scroll, allowing an additional increase in minion capacity. The page on Summon Weapons also states that the maximum amount of minions a character can have at one time is 11, with both the Papyrus Scarab and the Necromantic ...

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