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The maps aren't actually downloaded as a regular Terraria map file like those for your local games and your own server at Documents\My Games\Terraria; instead they are kept in memory and are probably incomplete because of the limits of bandwidth. This data only exists temporarily in your computer's RAM, which is cleared when you exit the game or power down ...


I find that the armor does not matter much, as long as you have at least iron armor. The best weapon to fight it in my opinion is flaming arrows. When I fought it, it was using a gold bow with flaming arrows. The gold bow set up for high initial damage, and the flames damaged it over time, making its health go down more quickly.


Each hardmode boss has a small chance of spawning every night. Also, there is a small chance an enemy drops the Mechanical Skull, Mechanical Worm, and the Mechanical Eye.


It isn't easy to tell if the biome you are in is surface or not because of the walls behind the house, I suggest breaking all of that. Also, as it states in the wiki, "to get the Truffle to move in, there must be housing in a surface Mushroom Biome during hardmode." judging by the list you have provided you have done all of the things that are required. All ...


Molten armour and is best. Break a shadow orb or crimson heart A meteorite will land and give you access to phasesaber's


The thing i would suggest to get pretty good armor is to beat the Wall Of Flesh. Doing so will convert your game to hardmode and add tons of other things in the game. To beat the Wall of Flesh, I used just the minishark, full molten armor, and one healing potion. it took me three tries but i finally did it. Something else i would recommend is to make an imp ...


I defeated him easy with my Star Cannon,and Mini Shark.After you defeat him,You may get a gun called a Clockwork Assult Rifle.Try to use a Demon Scythe to kill The Hungry.As you may have noticed,while you fighting The Wall Of Flesh,The Hungry Drop Hearts,Which helps out your helth.Another thing his he will spit out Leeches,They also Drop hearts which helps ...


If you're in a world with Crimson, some of the Crimson Hearts drop Crimson Rods. This is a very easy way to farm the Eye, just place the reaincloud above your head and keep dodging in the vicinity of the raincloud. Don't try to go for it with meelee weapons. Shurikens work great here, or a minishark if you have the cash. And keep dodging if you have low ...


Yes it is possible to make both but really really hard. A whole bunch of brick and wall and will probably take you hours so if you're gonna do have someone help you so it's not as long

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