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Sticky jumping requires practice. I'd suggest practicing on a map like ctf_convoy, where falling means you die and you can respawn and try again quickly. If you're good at sticky jumping, you should be able to cross between the two convoy trains from a variety of positions. 2fort is another good 'live' training map. From the front entrance, you should be ...


The Chargin' Targe is a shield for the Demoman, often used in combination with a sword to make a "DemoKnight". It starts with an initial charge, and upon right-clicking your mouse, the demoman will zoom forward, increasing their damage with the sword/pan/bottle (by making attacks crits / minicrits). You will often see them slicing the heads off of some ...


The Chargin' Targe adds an immunity to afterburn effect. You can still light them on fire, but they will be extinguished as if they were a pyro. This was changed in the patch on July 10, 2013: Changed attributes: Added Afterburn immunity. Source


Crouching while in the air lets you travel higher and further than normal. Let yourself be overhealed by a medic before you sticky-jump to minimize the risk of not landing alive. And lastly, as you also mentioned, the more stickies, the higher and further the jump. You will need to overheal to perform sticky jumps of three. The technique is simple: Walk ...


The Scottish Resistance is largely a defensive weapon. It allows you guard multiple places all at the same time. Since most capture points have multiple entrances to get into the area, you can sticky up each entrance - and even the capture point itself. If a scout jump through one spot, you can detonate only those bombs, without losing your entire "sticky ...


If a pyro airblasts you mid-charge, you are knocked back exactly like any other class. Your charge bar however instantly stops draining and begins filling again, which is unique because under any other circumstance your charge bar is always fully depleted. A partially drained charge bar means you can begin another charge MUCH sooner than usual. If you just ...


No Demoman weapon in Team Fortress 2 can fire multiple projectiles simultaneously, so it's unclear what it is you're looking for. The Beggar's Bazooka for the Soldier functions as you describe. Perhaps you were actually playing Soldier? (I've got a dim memory of seeing a video where someone did do that, but I don't recall any more details. Still, it must ...


The Scout and Pyro are designed to ambush. Being ambushed is pretty much the Demoman's main weak spot. So if that's your biggest problem, you're doing pretty good. Scouts are arguably the Demo's main counterclass, with attributes and a preferred operating range that are a worst-case scenario for all of your weapons. However, this mainly depends on the ...


It must be a charge kill; either an impact kill with the shield, or a sword kill while you're charging. If you use your sword, it will mini-crit from a medium distance charge, or crit at a long distance charge. It can also crit if you swing your sword at the same time you collide with the enemy. If you do not kill the enemy with the initial swing while ...


The demoman has no ability to fire multiple bombs at once but can detonate many or all grenades at once using secondary fire. He can charge shots by holding down primary fire. On primary fire release he will fire the bomb a distance proportional to the amount of time primary fire is held down. This only works with the three sticky bomb launchers.


I've seen it used with some success (i.e. it killed me) when defending the bomb cart. The demo would shoot some around the current cart position and some more a few meters down the track, so he'd kill both the first wave of enemies attempting to push it, and the second wave. I haven't seen it successfully used in any other scenario.


I know you said to assume you are using the default weapons, but I think that applying that limit is a mistake. The Loch-and-Load is a great weapon to switch for in this situation due to its ability to one-shot scouts at close range, and a shield allows you to retreat using the charge ability to get away from a nearby pyro. Don't underestimate the ...


It makes an excellent weapon for camping/covering multiple entrances. Shoot it just above a doorway and when someone walks in, detonate. PROS: Detonates stickybombs near crosshair Able to destroy enemy stickybombs +50% max secondary ammo on wearer +6 max pipebombs out CONS: 0.4 sec slower bomb arm time (Pros/cons taken from TF2 Wikia.)


Hitting airborne targets is hard. There are three main points you need to take into consideration when shooting airborne targets. The distance between you and the target. The velocity and trajectory of the projectile. The velocity and trajectory of the target. Becoming an expert at those three points and doing all the calculations in your head is a ...


Different weapons shoot differently, so I would choose one and stick with it. The stock rocket launcher, the stock grenade launcher and the flare gun are the ones you'll probably get the most use out of. To practice, there are a few good maps out there: tr_airshot_v0, tr_rocket_shooting2, and tr_walkway. (I haven't kept up with the versions of these, so ...


Sorry, I know this has already been answered, but I came upon the same thing while playing on the 10x servers. The 10x servers add a great deal of functionality to to weapons, including the specific effect noted in the question. A complete list of changed on these servers can be found on the tf2 wiki: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/TF2_x10


The best use I've found for the Scottish Resistance so far is on defense of point C on Gravelpit. You can sticky all the entrances at once, and by standing on the point, you can see and detonate them as enemies come in. A medic or dispenser at the top of the tower helps a lot with this.

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