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On offense as Engineer without Gunslinger, the main goal is to set up a forward base. First, your team is stuck in spawn pre-round. If there's buildable area between spawn and setup gates, make sure you get your stuff built. Put down the Dispenser and Teleporter first, and you should have time to finish a level 3 Sentry before the gates open. That should ...


From http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Teleporters: Players who have recently teleported are surrounded by a distinctive, glowing particle effect for eighteen seconds after teleporting.


From my experience in the Engineer Class I always like to first(even without gunslinger): Choose your inventory right before round start. I dont use gunslinger a lot so I always use the jag as an offensive engineer, because you build faster that other wrenches. Choose a good prime weapon and always be around a pyro (for obvious reasons) Check if there's a ...


The most important thing that should survive an uber is you. Obviously you can get all of your buildings back up a lot faster if you don't have a ~15 second respawn and a run back before you start to rebuild. While dealing with a push, if your team is there to resist it, watching your sentry die from safety is a lot better than you dying along with it. That ...

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