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I think that this is happening because you fall off the ledge slightly just before you press the jump button. This would cause it to be a double jump because you are jumping while falling/in the air even though you only pressed the jump button once.


Bleed damage does not stack. Confirmed via testing as of 12/20/10. If someone is hit once with a bleeding weapon, they sustain initial damage and then bleed for the specified amount of time (for example, six seconds for the Tribalman's Shiv). If they are struck again with that weapon, they sustain initial damage again, and the bleed counter resets.


I use it a lot for things like Stunning an engineer who is hammering on a turret, usually while we have an uber going to take it out. Firing it into groups of people during a big firefight and helping my team by stunning one of the players in the fight Smacking heavies who are shooting with it, then running up on them and popping shots into them. ...


From a quick test of mine, this is the max distance for Back Scatter mini-crits: I put the Soldier under the center of the light and crept closer until the shot was a mini-crit. I don't have the distance numbers, but hopefully this image is descriptive enough. To me it looks like about half Sentry visibility range; if so that's 512 Source units (the point ...


When fighting alone, the Sandman is a wash at best, because the small window of opportunity you get from the stun is offset by your reduced survival rate due to the health drop. The Sandman is much more effective when used as part of a team push, or even only sniper cover, as stunned foes make excellent targets for Rockets, Grenades, or Headshots. Target ...


As a Scout, you aren't supposed to deal with sentries. Each class has its counters, and the Scout's high speed and mobility are easily countered by the computer-controlled Sentry. The best way to get around sentries is to drink Bonk! Atomic Punch while your team is distracting the sentry. Rushing in without team support will cause the Sentry to push you ...


No, the player does not take damage in any form. You could say it is an equivalent of an ubercharge, except the scout cannot attack. Drinks Bonk and jumps No damage taken from the jump Same jump with no drink. Damage taken.


According to the TF2 wiki on Obtaining Scout Achievements, mini-sentries do count. The full text from that page is quoted below, with emphasis added: Gun Down Destroy an active sentry gun using your pistol. Difficulty: Medium How to obtain: The safest way to take out a Sentry Gun with your Pistol is to snipe an exposed section from ...


Here's what you can do to sentries as a scout if no engineer is around: Pistol them down from outside their range (best way to deal with minisentries) Approach them from behind then edge them (sentries need a while to turn around, use that to your advantage) Here's what you can do to sentries as a scout if their engineer is around: Approach them from ...


First of all, when the weapon description says 'alt fire', they mean alternate fire (right-click by default), not alt and fire at the same time. Many weapons have alternate fire methods, including the pyro's airblast for his flamethrower, and the medic's ubercharge when his uber meter is full. The weapon discription for the soda popper is somewhat ...


Your strategy is highly dependant on the map type that you're playing. For instance, if you're playing 2Fort, my suggestion would be to ignore the sentries, pound back a Bonk, and make a run for the intelligence. Actually, there are only a handful of cases where I wouldn't do that. On cart maps, your goal might be to get behind Red's line, and Bonk can ...


I would suggest it is likely to be that the bleed damage is sustained by additional hits, but not increased. I think it is the same for fire damage. Time to get out a Kukri and prove it though..


A golden rule to follow as Scout, and any other flanking class, is as follows: don't follow your team*. As a Scout, you rely on the element of surprise for most of your kills, so try to stay away from whatever path your team is taking at all costs. This will also help you avoid the main front of the enemy attack, since most frontline classes like to take ...


To quickly and effectively make your way around lesser-traveled areas of the map, it all comes down to situational awareness and quick thinking. If you play a stealthier scout and need to part from your team to flank the enemy, you'll need to be able to scan your surroundings and follow paths that lead away from the main path. You can use BONK! Atomic Punch ...


Recent patches have added the Flying Guillotine, a ranged secondary that deals damage based on distance thrown. The biggest pro of it is that it will deal critical hits (150 base damage including crits) on stunned players. I've found it extremely useful in taking down Heavies. First you stun them, then lob a guillotine into them. That's 150 damage ...


It's somewhat useful on melee-only maps, since the bat counts as melee, but you still get a ranged attack out of it.


Another useful situation is if there is a single opponent pushing the cart in a payload or payload race map.

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