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While there isn't any official statement supporting this, the Skyrim wiki states that Akaviri people resemble China and Japan. On a personal note, I checked the names and pictures of Akaviri NPCs and they really do look/sound like Japanese people/places. Also, the pictures of Tang Mos resemble Japanese macaques.


As far as within the game; nothing. The Amulet of Kings given to you at various points along the main quest line is just a 'regular' amulet with a script that checks if the player is trying to equip it. There are even ways to obtain versions of the amulet that lack the script that the player can equip. Lore-wise; The Amulet of Kings is just an amulet that ...


According to the wiki, the amulet only slips off someones neck. That is kind of weird, because I thought anything effective can happen to you, but it just slips off your neck. I understand now.


According to the TES Wiki, "Thalmor (Skyrim)" article: As a branch of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Thalmor seeks to unify the Provinces of Tamriel through one-government leadership, with Elves holding all places of power. The reasons behind the ban on the worship of Talos are shrouded in doubt, however, the two most probable hypotheses are either ...


There are a lot of diferent ways, the dwemer could have disappeard. I am going to sum up a few from the Imperial Library. I assume, that you already know something about "Kagrenac and his tools" else i really recomend to read the articles i linked. The tools worked. Kagrenac successfully used his tools, and possibly The Calling, to take his race and ...


An Amaranth is a person who can achieve the status of God. Furthermore, not just a God but the paramount God, the God whose dream created the world. While Amaranths and the creation of the whole world through a dream are not strictly canon in TES, there have been mentions of their existence. For example, part from "Loveletter From the Fifth Era, The True ...

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