The Secret World is a classless MMO by Funcom with a modern-day setting and a focus on story-based content.

The Secret World is a MMORPG by Funcom with a modern-day setting. It has no classes or levels and a strong focus on storytelling with some challenging puzzles. The game is free to play after initial purchase, with an optional subscription model as well as a in-game shop featuring mainly cosmetic items.

Players can choose to fight for one of the three secret societies: The Templars, the Illuminati or the Dragon with their headquarters based in London, New York or Seoul. Content draws on popular myths and lore from all over the world, including the works of H.P. Lovecraft, vampires and ancient Egypt, with an overarching story relating to a substance only known as "the Filth".

TSW's content is suitable for solo players or small groups as well as featuring several instanced "dungeons" intended for 5 player groups and recently introduced content for raid groups as well.

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