The World Ends with You, known in Japan as It's a Wonderful World, is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts team and Jupiter for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It was released in Japan in July 2007, and in PAL regions and North America on April 22, 2008.

It was adapted to iOS (iPhone/iPad) by h.a.n.d., titled The World Ends With You -Solo Remix- and released on August 27, 2012.

The game is set in the modern-day Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, The World Ends with You features a distinctive art style inspired by Shibuya and its youth culture.

In the game, Neku Sakuraba and his partners are forced to participate in a game that will determine their fate with their very existence at stake. The battle system uses many of the unique features of the Nintendo DS, including combat that takes place on both screens, and attacks performed by certain motions on the touchscreen or by shouting into the microphone. Elements of Japanese youth culture, such as fashion, food, and cell phones, are key aspects of the missions.

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