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To be honest, a bitizen's dream job is random. Having more than 50% simply means that there's a 50% chance that the bitizen may have a dream job for a business that you have on your tower. As new Bitizens (as of the last iPhone 3 update), are generated based on seeded IDs'. So, you can technically do said above (move them in for bux then kick them out), but ...


Buisness Demand is the demand for specific floor types. An article on Floor Types can be found here. We have all the floor types, as shown below: Creative Food Recreational Residential Retail Service Lets say, that I have 60 creative floors and none of the others. My demand would say, that no-one wants anymore creative floors (because theres too ...


As far as I can tell, the fastest way is to tap on the elevator arrows when they appear. Other than that, you have to manually swipe until you reach the ground. Side note: You can instantly go to the top by tapping on the top right bar that shows how many floors you have.


It's crashing - or put another way, failing to open successfully. To fix it, try deleting the app including all app data and reinstalling it. To delete the app, hold the home button until the apps are full of coffee (shaking) and then click the red x on the app. If it asks you to delete all the data, reply yes. Obviously this is a destructive operation ...


If the bitizen has a skill level of 9 and you give him/her their dream job you will get a gold star, but if the bitizen has 8-0 skill in that category then you will get a silver star However i don't really know if the gold star does anything.


Unfortunately, in Tiny Tower you do not have the option of moving individual Bitizens to another apartment floor. Once they have taken up residential space on one of your floors, they are tied there permanently until you evict them.


You can indeed travel between individual floors with the Infini-Lift Lightspeed, it just takes a very light touch. I usually tap the up or down button instead of pressing and holding when I need to travel a short distance.

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