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The action you're being asked to perform is "Alternative Fire" - with the bow selected as your active weapon, this will fire an arrow with rope attached to it, which will embed itself in specific parts of the environment (which can be highlighted with Survival Instincts) and allow you to interact with them. By default, "Alternative Fire" is bound to Mouse ...


If I recall correctly, early Tomb Raider titles used "Red Book" audio for music—that is, they played tracks straight off a music CD partition on the game disc and had no built-in music code at all. The game simply triggered the CD drive and trusted that the right disc was there and that the drive's audio-out cable was hooked up to the sound card. (A common ...


With a little internet research, I came across Glidos, which seems to be what you'd want (although it may have side effects like graphics enhancements, hopefully that wouldn't ruin the nostalgia). Note that some users appear to have had issues, so check this forum thread particularly related to audio files.

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