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In summary, details like "Blocked!" are not visible unless you enter the TL2 Options menu and turn damage indicators onto "verbose" mode.


You can use the Arcane Statistics screen (default key: J) to bring up a view that accurately shows the total values of each of your stats, including buffs, equipment, skills, etc. Lots of info available online, including right here on Arqade: Torchlight 2 - How powerful is a weapon, exactly? How to find your character's total DPS in torchlight 2?


I found at least three different locations where they talk about 29% block change, so I think it stacks, and it is not a bug or anything. I have no idea why it is separated into two lines. Sources: Reddit: I found one this week, and also Roundhaven, a 29% block lvl19 shield... Runicgames forum Manticore and Grell (and probably others) have a ...

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