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The game will store a maximum of two town’s merchants at a time. This means if you are in the Minehead you can travel to the Imperial Camp, then Zeryphesh, then back to the Minehead, to reset the vendors in the Minehead. From my experience I have found this to work on the four main towns, but not the Mapworks. This is one way the vendors can reset.


You can do this by modifying your shared stash save file. Replace you shared stash save file with one that is full of skill and stat respect potions. The file is available here. The instructions go like this: Exit the game Backup your shared stash save located in: C:\Users\< username >\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\RandomNumber. ...


The most fun way is to replay your favorite dungeons. Dungeons will re-spawn after 10 minutes if you enter another different dungeon. Most dungeon bosses will re-spawn with the dungeon. Source


I looked up all the weapon types in Torchlight 2. Here is the complete table. | Weapon | Hands | Range | Arc | Splash Damage | |:------------|:-----:|:------|:-----------|:-------------:| | Polearm | 2 | 3m |120 degrees | 50% | | Greatmace | 2 | 2m |120 degrees | 50% | | Greatsword | 2 | 2m ...

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