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Howl reduces the efficiency of enemy mobs in different ways while battle rage significantly improves your power against enemy mobs. Both skill's efficiency is also directly proportional to the number of mobs around you. Given that you use a shield I would assume your character has high defense and could capitalize with drawing lots of mobs thus both skill is ...


I hear the easiest way to do it is test it on the dummy. Saw an example and what you want is an item that has "+x health on hit" because that shows when it triggers above your character, or the "- to armor per hit" is shown on "enemy stats" above. Then try out whichever skill to see if it works (more than likely something that uses % weapon damage)...Hit ...


This is just a guess, but it's a fairly educated one. I've played more than a few games with crowd control in them. The way it usually works is the percentage of the resist is the chance of you actually resisting the crowd control effect. so a 10% poison resist should protect you from poison roughly one in ten times. Hope I answered your question.


Silence is not dependent on enemies, instead it is dependent on the Skills. Some skills can be silenced and some can't be silenced. There is a flag in the game files for the abilities which can be silenced. By looking at some .dat files you can see which abilities can be silenced. Example: The Basalisks in Act II. They have two skills. Basalisk Gaze and ...

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