Tropico 4 is a city-building game set in the Caribbean during the second half of the 20th century, with a heavy political and semi-historical component and a healthy dose of Cold War stereotypes played for humor.

YOU are El Presidente, the supreme ruler of the small island nation of Tropico. Of course, all is not well; your current workforce is all but uneducated, not to mention too small to support much agriculture or mining, they all want housing and entertainment and healthcare and churches; the Nationalists want you to stop attracting immigrants, the Environmentalists want you to stop building factories or mines, the religious faction want you to burn down all pubs and ban literacy, the USSR wants you to export run and the US is going to get very grouchy if you don't use that development aid money they're grudgingly sending you to build a cigar factory and export Tropican cigars to them...

Forge an enlightened socialist paradise where people break out in spontaneous celebration on the streets, or run an oppressive dictatorship, ban all elections and use a well-paid police and military to keep the people from revolting; juggle diplomacy between the US and USSR, or choose to ally with one side at the cost of offending the other. Grow your nation into an industrial powerhouse in the region or make it the #1 tourist spot in the Caribbean.

Direct successor to Tropico 3.

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