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Originally, I assumed that the Intel driver you wanted to install was already included in your Ubuntu 14.04 installation. I booted up into a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit), and checked the list of installed packages for the Intel driver. I found it, along with the packages needed for OpenGL support. Even though the generic (vesa) drivers are ...


Your server has started normally. The Lua JIT interpreter might be disabled due to a missing dependency. Make sure that you have the Lua binary and devel packages off of apt-get. I run a dedicated Garry's Mod server off of my local computer. In order to connect to my own server, I needed to use my external IP address to connect. Try connect <your ...


Stop server program Remove eula.txt Start server program (generates new eula) set eula text to "EULA=TRUE" and SAVE it. DONE!

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