Uru: Ages Beyond Myst was released in 2003 and is an adventure game in the Myst series, developed by Cyan Worlds and published by Ubisoft. The game is made primarily of puzzles that are interacted with by the player's avatar - These puzzles range from jumping style puzzles to more logic-based puzzles, with the main purpose of the game being to simply explore.

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is a adventure game released in 2003 developed by Cyan Worlds published by Ubisoft as the fourth game in the Myst series and has a high focus on player-driven exploration as the games main drive and objective.

It took five years of development and cost $12 million dollars to complete, with development starting in 1997 after the completion of Riven (the second game in the Myst series).

It's unique in the Myst series by being the only game to take place in the real world, and featuring a player avatar that can be customized by the player. The game also has a complete lack of death: other Myst games had notably less death vs other video games on the market, they still had some places where the player could get themselves into a situation that required them to restart or reload a prior save - Uru had no such situations, instead giving the player their own personal world known as "Relto" that the player can link to at any time.

Should the player get into a certain-death situation, such as falling into a bottom-less pit or hot lava, the player automatically links back to their Relto and back to safety.

Uru was meant to (and did for a little while) have a multiplayer component known as "Uru Live". This section was cancelled originally when the game was released, but in February 2007 GameTap (an online video game service) released Uru Live to the public, only to cancel it a year later due to lack of subscribers.

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