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Two main differences : First one is graphical, PS4 version is slightly enhanced visually. Second one, PS4 version only works on PS4, PS3 version only works on PS3 (Worth mentioning there is no retro/post-compatibility)


As far as I know the difference is purely visual... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-watch-dogs-ps3-vs-ps4


Generally it does, because of the more intensive load of the graphics and features.


Usually when the term Steam comes up, it refers to a legal copy of CS1.6 purchased through Steam; this is due to the way it was launched. When the term Non-Steam comes up, these refer to cracks of CS1.6 that "modding" communities have made and distributed to other people, mostly for free. Since these are all illegal copies, non-steam refers to the fact that ...


In fact CS 1.6 was the first game of the Counterstrike Series to be released on Steam only. (CS 1.4 had optional Steam support). At the moment I only have a german source on this. I'll might add an english one in the future. I know there are also some non-legal versions out there that can be used without steam. But I don't think those non-legal versions are ...


Not 100% related, but a good thing about this (almost) exact port is that they leave some exploits open as well. Let's clarify it's not cheating or bugs. The one I used the most is the following: When an enemy is in invisible status, it becomes very vulnerable to magic. You can cast Death, Vanish, X-Zone and this kind of 1 hit magic and it will work 99% of ...

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