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There are 47 Treasure Charts instead of 46. Maybe its a part of the 5 extra they added or not, but so far I have 47, where everyone else says there are only 46.


Hardcore Parkour is definitely a significant aspect of the AC series. It is definitely not as free as skyrim (where you get your mission goal, mission start, and do whatever you want on the way there, wherever, etc.), but at the same time, much less limited than many other games (not to name names). It has some activities that require you to follow a path ...


No, Last Light is the sequel to 2033. There is a Metro 2033 Redux which features 2033 redone on Last Light's engine, as well as some other enhancements.


According to some comments, the diference is that in the director's cut, blue circles have been added showing you where to click to advance some puzzles.

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