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As bwDraco said, they are all different stories but there is more to it than that. Each campaign has a unique set of playable characters that can only be used in that campaign (most notable are the Hoshido/Nohr families from the game covers. They can only be used in their respective campaigns). There are a few serious gameplay differences between Birthright ...


If you are not keen on Japanese, I'd recommend to focus on the USA one. Language can be changed in some Japanese games, but only if English is supported. The vast majority of JP games only support the Japanese language. A second language only appears when the cartridge is expected on international market, and only in their versions. Most Pokemon games do ...


The 3DS is region-locked, so if you buy a japanese 3DS you will only be able to play imported japanese games, and if you buy a 3DS from europe you will only be able to play their games, and so on. Being able to change the language depends on the game, I think. A lot of japanese games are only available in japanese, but some might have an option for english ...


Both the Genesis and Mega Drive collections are NTSC versions, widely regarded to be the better ones due to the fact that PAL versions usually ran slower. However, there are a few odd things that seem to be running at PAL speed (50hz rather than 60) like the announcer's voice in Virtua Fighter 2. This is probably just an emulation issue.


Apart from graphics, the only differences are the keyboard/pad gameplay, and the time between loading etc owing to the components of your computer. There are exclusivity on consoles and on pc too.

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