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A comprehensive collection of maps for every level of Vs. Super Mario Brothers can be found on the TheMushroomKingdom's Vs. SMB Map Page. The maps detail every last inch of every single level including enemy positions and also list the location and contents of every item block both visible and hidden. Other tidbits of info are given on the individual map ...


I was unable to see the tree change, even when I played through the entire game again. I do own the original game, so I conclude it never does change. Yes, i went back after each dungeon, and if i could i did it as a kid and an adult. The tree never changed.


(This list may not be complete as I haven't unlocked everything in Hyrule Warriors Legends yet.) Most of the game is pretty much identical to the original Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, including that game's DLCs. It does however add quite a bit of new Content. Other than that, some gameplay aspects and battle rewards have changed. Also note that Challenge Mode ...

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