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There is no current gen, or previous gen consoles which will do this without modification of some sort. It's possible if you have the right model of PS3 you could install Linux on it, and do it via this, but other than that you won't have any luck I'm afraid :(


Try opening up the Home Menu, then select "Controller settings". Go to "Wii Remote/Other Controllers" and then tap "Pair". Then press the sync button on the Balance Board.


Fully charge your WiiU Gamepad. Press the sync button on the WiiU twice. Make sure you press the sync buton on the back of the Gamepad as well. (You will need a stylus to do this.) Use the touch screen to enter the code that appears on the TV screen by pressing the squares with the spade, diamond, heart and clover. The symbols should appear as above ...


I think the general answer to all your questions is “no”. See more info on Gamefaqs. Since the backup only makes full games & saves copy, you won't be allowed to read it on another Wii U without doing an account transfer from your Wii U to the another one. As a Nintendo & tech enthusiast, that's something I hope they will evolve on. I think we can ...


Provided you have created a Nintendo Network ID on the console, yes. The games are tied to your account on the console and you may redownload them at any time from the eShop. This will only work on the Wii U on which you created your NNID. No, you can't move games to a different console. The only way to do anything like this would be the Wii U System ...


According to Nintendo Support pages, this isn't possible. Each Nintendo Network ID must be linked to at most one 3DS and one Wii U at the same time. Your case is somewhat different, since you will only play one Wii U at a time, but you won't be able to login on your second Wii U, and you will be unable to download Splatoon on your second Wii U. Nintendo ...

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