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To reset all settings and content back to factory settings do the following; Start up your Wii U Go to Settings Go to Delete All Contents and Settings Press A to select Enter Parent Control PIN as required Go to Next Go to Delete Everything


Yes. All digital content for Nintendo (as of right now) is tied to: Your Nintendo Network ID (NNID) Your system So technically Wind Waker HD was the previous owner's, and if they ever bought a Wii U again, they'd have to call Nintendo Support and hope they allow them to put that game on their new system. If you don't remove the old NNID, you can play ...


Yes, assuming you have a browser available on the WiiU to complete the authentication. For all intent and purpose, the WiiU is simply connected to an unsecured WiFi connection. The router just redirects everything to the authentication page.


Start up Mii Maker and press "QR code/image" on the GamePad, then press "Save Mii as image". You can then choose your Mii and it will save a picture of it on your SD card.


There is no way to make the screen go away with your controller. You will have to quit the game through the Wii menu or reset your system.


Try starting up the game then when it asks you about your balance board (if you have it connected) press the sync button or the middle button on the board.


Actually, you're dad was probably referring to finding all the exits from all the levels in the game In the Super Nintendo version of the game, there are 96 exits total. These are tracked on the load game screen immediately after the title screen. Finding all of them will put a star next to the exit count.

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