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Transferring data from Wii to Wii U should be safe, since the Wii U's Wii mode is completely separate from the rest of the Wii U. However, the transfer is one way only, and all the Wii's data will be removed upon transfer. It is recommended you do not interrupt the transfer at any time, or you might end up losing your Wii's data completely. Games you bought ...


The Amiibo will not unlock that character. The Amiibo just becomes an AI controlled character, which can be placed on your team or play against you. There is no difference between the different versions of the game.


At the moment, the only controller that can be used with a GameCube and a Wii U is the original GameCube Controller. To connect it to the Wii U, you'll need the Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter. However, the only game that currently supports this combination as a valid input device is Super Smash Bros. (Wii U). While it is certainly possible that ...


Only one Mii and username can be associated with a Nintendo Network ID at a time. If it is changed on one device, it automatically changes on the other. You have two options: Use the same Mii and username as your brother Create a new NNID and associate it with the Wii U. You can find instructions for this on Nintendo's website. Good luck! Feel free to ...


While not available for more than 4 players, the Special Smash mode in the Wii U version allows you to set the camera to "Fixed", preventing it from zooming.


You were given a download code for the Wii U version when you bought the 3DS DLC. This page details how to get that download code and then use it on the Wii U.


After doing a basic Google search (can i turn off wii u while it is updating) It would appear that some users have in the past reported issues when the power has been lost to the console for some large firmware updates, Shutting Off Wii U During Massive Update Bricks Console For instances other than firmware updates this site Wii U Forums indicates that ...

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