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I understand from this discussion you can't use US eshop card if your console set to Canadian region. Although you could do the following: You have two options. You could format your 3ds and set the region to US(you will lose all data in your SD, system memory, and will unlink your NNID from your system excluding preinstalled games if you bought a ...


Looking at a couple of threads on other forums asking similar questions, it looks like this is not possible - only the ability to take screenshots in game. NintendoLife - Does the wii u have the capabilities to take pictures/photoshop? GameFAQs - How to take pictures? IGN - Can the Wii U's camera actually take photos? And if so, how?


You can only join servers of people in your friends list. You can also play on the splitscreen mode, but it isn't considered a server.


I've had exactly the same problem before, on the Xbox One. It also often times out on the Xbox 360 with other recent Lego games (ie, Lego Batman 3) I think this must be a glitch on the server side for Lego Dimensions. No doubt many people picked up the game for Christmas and their servers are overloaded. I've never had an issue waiting for the timeout ...


In order to build new vehicles, you've got to start with the character. Basically, the character bases come out of the box to the character, but the vehicle bases are all blank. When you put the character on the portal, it should prompt you to go to the area where you can build the vehicle(s) for that character. In the case of level packs, you've ...


The Amiibo you buy will work right away no matter if you own the character or not because it is only an AI and you cannot use it this works for both versions of the game, and for dlc characters the same thing goes they will work if you haven't purchased them yet but they are only bots.

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