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Yes, it is possible, but quite difficult. From Smash Wiki (emphasis mine): In Brawl and Smash U, functions that can be assigned to the C-stick are: [...] Special: Tilt the stick to do the special that corresponds to that direction. This is known as B-sticking. Tilting the stick in one horizontal direction while holding the control stick in the ...


You can't, neutral/special attacks (assuming you've got the default layout on your controller) are made pressing the B or A button without moving the left joystick. The right joystick is only used to do smash attacks, and, smash attacks are all directional and there is no neutral smash. This is the default layout of the controller


While the minecraft wiki doesn't have too much detail on the changelog/updates at the time, you can find (at least the recent) patches/change logs on the minecraft forum. Here's one link that I found on the minecraft forum - Minecraft Updates/Change log - WiiU edition


No, you can't. For all original Wii games, the original control schemes are still required.

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