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You might be able to play the games on a US console if you change the region to e.g. Australia. This page here says about the Australian region: Games from this area will work in European systems and vice versa. The instructions for changing the region are here for Wii, and here for Wii U. I have never done this myself however so I would not know if it ...


After trying my luck in soft-modding the unit, attempt ended up unsuccessful due to the incompatibility of PC DVD drives with the Wii game DVDs. [used this site as a guide] So I ended up purchasing a replacement DVD unit. It was not identical to my original one, but the board was of the same form-factor. The units are claimed by the seller to be cross-...


As far as i know, no. None of the Gamecube games were made with the Wii in mind, so they didn't create any games having any special features on the Wii but not the Gamecube. Since the Wii released there have only been very few games released for the gamecube aswell, i doubt anyone implemented something like that,

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