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As @Powerlord pointed out, the GameCube Super Smash Bros. Edition Controller is compatible with the original GameCube and Wii. This is confirmed on Nintendo's website (in the same link provided, very last question) Can the GameCube Super Smash Bros. Edition Controller be used with a GameCube or a compatible Wii model? Yes, it can be used with these ...


It should work with both the Wii and the Gamecube.


According to gamefaqs, the controller buttons are matched like this for the Wii supported controllers : Wii Remote (Hold it sideways): Control Pad: Move cursor 2: Select 1: Cancel +: Pause -: Switch between "Fight and "Surrender" while paused Wii Classic Controller Control Pad: Move cursor A: Select B: Cancel ...


I first emailed Disney Interactive Support, who pointed me towards the developers of the game: Unfortunately, we here at Disney Interactive Support do not have any insight on the details of the game's development, such as who was involved in music composition. With this said, we encourage you to contact the Development Team for the game, Behavior ...


You can still play Animal Crossing city Folk or lets go to the City using the new WIIMMFI servers. They are private and created to replace the Nintendo WFC servers that closed down. All you need is a patched copy of ACCF or download the patcher for ACCF from WIIMMFI. You can google to find out all you need.


According to Wikipedia the composer for the Tangled game is Olivier Deriviere. You can find his website here: http://olivierderiviere.com/ As for Tangled Video Game OST specifically, here is the album on Soundcloud.

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