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If you have a copy of Windows XP lying around, you can simply copy the "C:\Program Files\Windows NT\pinball" folder in its entirety to anywhere on your Windows 7 machine and run pinball.exe. No compatibility mode needed. This is very easy if you have Windows XP Mode installed. I just tested this on my Windows 7 x64 machine and it works great. Don't bother ...


Here are the instructions to install the game and everything. This links directly to the game itself that is inside the above link, most probably you can handle installing it and figuring out how to open the game yourself without having a step by step with pictures.


Well, for what it's worth... http://mspinball.weebly.com/ I've not tried it or anything, and really don't plan to, but there it is. One of those "at your own risk" deals.


I haven't experienced any problems on my Vista machine since updating Games for Windows Live. It could be coincidence, but I thought I'd leave this behind nonetheless. Edit: I have noticed that the problem definitively disappeared after removing Internet Explorer 9 from my Vista machine, following problems with GTA IV. I'm fairly sure this was the cause of ...


I had this issue on Burnout Paradise on Win7 64 installed via Steam with an ATI(AMD) 4850 with latest drivers. It worked fine when I first installed it and then, when I came back to it after a long period, crashed immediately on start-up. After a bit of research I saw people had similar problems caused by incompatible web-cam drivers. As I'd just installed a ...


Apparently, though I don't have the game so I can't confirm, you can do the following things to get it to work: Right-click the shortcut or executable and go to the compatibility tab, and set it to run in Windows XP SP3 (or earlier) compatibility. Go to the Windows Firewall settings (in the control panel) and in the Exceptions, add the PSU executable ...


I haven't tried it myself but you might want to check out "Vista Game Explorer Editor" here: http://sites.google.com/site/vgeeditor/


According to the Doom 3 1.3.1 patch notes, Doom 3 is Vista compatible. I'm assuming this implies that the original version had some compatibility issues. According to various threads, the demo doesn't work properly in Vista, although the full game does.


I was having a lot of crashes lately as well. Not sure if this applies to you, though. I can play the game just fine, but after countless crashes I realized that the game was crashing whenever the songs from EA Trax changed either when it ended or when I skipped them myself (yeah, go figure). I disabled all the songs in the list and I haven't crashed since ...

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