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Inside PlayOnLinux, go to the "Configure" screen for the RCT2 installation, then go to the "Wine" tab then click "Configure Wine." Once the configuration window loads, click on the "Graphics" tab and click "Emulate a Virtual Desktop." You can also download the hack that allows RCT2 to be run natively in a window, but this is a far easier solution for Linux. ...


I have succeeded in installing and running the client software but haven't had a chance to hook up to a server and testing the fps and lagginess of the simulator. Artemis is rated "Platinum"^1 on WINE. Incidentally, you can search for other games at this site to determine their likelihood of working on WINE. 1 Platinum means it will install and run with ...


There is no direct rule of thumb for all games. Some run brilliantly without any configuration at all, some run reasonably well and some won't run at all. Theres far too many variables to give a specific answer.

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