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World of Warcraft has always been designed so that you wouldn't have to visit every zone to progress. This is most evident in the old world, both pre- and post-Cataclysm where you have several branching paths you could take. An example of this for Horde exists at level 10, where from Orgrimmar you can choose to go south-west into Northern Barrens or north ...


No, it's just a gameplay concession. The comparative levels and stats of monsters have always been largely lore-independent, and WoD is no exception. Dating all the way back to the original launch of the game, lore-equivalent monsters in neighboring zones (often within eyesight of each other!) can have a level disparity of 40 levels, or even more. ...


Inferno Slice deals physical damage to the tank, and direct fire damage plus fire damage over time to players in front of Gruul. Here we're concerned with the fire damage to the raid. Any ability which grants immunity to fire damage will exclude that player from the damage split. This is basically just Ice Block and Divine Shield, though there are obscure ...


When you are on a weekly garrison campaign quest (see this achievement for a list) that takes place in one of the zones from the apexis crystal dailies you can do the assault for the apexis crystals parallel to your quest.


I send my 100 level characters on XP missions just to clear out my available mission queue; rather than letting them all expire which seems to take longer. I first do any armor upgrade missions, then resources (with Ben Gibb), then gold, then all the XP missions that are short duration (so I have followers available when the other missions are ready). ...


Crippling Suplex with you being picked up always comes when your boss leaves the combat area to active the searing plates or stamps. That is your cue to use a cooldown.


You're only able to queue for heroic dungeons at the level that they originally required using the LFD tool, with the exception of TBC heroics. TBC Heroics are available at level 70-72, while WotLK heroics are only available to level 80 players. See this page for a full reference. Source: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Dungeon_Finder#Level_restrictions You can ...

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