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Even if you dont like a for loop answer I'll give you one. The Blizzard api has the function GET SPELL /WOW/SPELL/:SPELLID to recieve spell information. Run that function in a loop, request all available spells and back them up in a xml file. I give you that answer because I found the following in the Blizzard forum. Hey community devs! Since we ...


You get savage feast through a barn in your garrison (at least level 2). There isn't a recipe for it. The only other way you would get it besides buying them on the Auction House would be to have your barn make them via work orders.


The most beneficial items for Timewalking are going to be raid items, current and old, that have the most gem sockets. This is, of course, outside of old tier sets that provide some broken bonus or something else ridiculous for that level of content. Essentially, you'll stack said items, put the best gems you can in to them, and from there you have to look ...


Use Autohotkey, you can rebind the print screen button (or any other button) to first send alt+z and then send printscreen. Something like this should work: PrintScreen:: Send, {Alt}z sleep, 100 Send, {PrintScreen} sleep, 100 Send, {Alt}z If you are good at using AHK you could also make it so that the alt+z would only be sent if the ...


The dungeons themselves are not so difficult as to warrant a separate gear set. Scaled down gear will work fine. The drops in the dungeons scale up (660, 675 warforged). They are unlikely to replace your current raid tier gear, but if you have a fresh 100 they may be a gearing option.


Quoted from an interview with Tracy Bush Jukebox Heroes: Tracy W. Bush opens up about WoW, Dungeon Runners, and DCUO: One of my favorite memories of working on WoW was the Tanaris music. I was trying to capture that desolate, empty desert vibe, but it could be very frustrating. I was using huge reverbs to imply those big distances, resonant strings to ...

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