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A guy I was seeing from Norway Switched his EU account to US account so he could play WoW with me. He changed his realmlist.wtf file and he can play just fine. His account now has him listed as paying via US currency, with access to US realms, battlenet store, etc.


Since you already provide the Link to wowhead in your post and oddly it's data is very limited I will provide information from wowdb: There are currently ~150k kills of Mobs listed. The best dropchance as per site has Spitebone Guardian and Shadowy Attendant however it only was killed about 4k and 17k times. If we put all this information together the ...


I use the Dominos addon to assign different bars when modifier keys are pressed. Shift brings up bar 2, and Alt brings up bar 3. I have Q, A, Z, X, and 1-4 bound to bar 1. When shift is held, bar 2 is substituted in and the keys now work with bar 2 (as you'd expect).


According to wowiki: Originally from Draenor, ogres were one of the last races of Draenor's giants. Some orc scholars believe the ogres were once intelligent and the dominant species of Draenor before the orcs rose to power. Orcs and ogres were enemies for generations until the rise of the horde. The warlock Gul'dan decided the orcs required the ...


As noted, you do not need to buy the client separately. It can be downloaded for free with the battle.net application. An important distinction, however, is that Warlords of Draenor is NOT standalone: you must own the base game (World of Warcraft, located here on Blizzard's store: https://eu.battle.net/shop/en-us/product/world-of-warcraft ) to play it. There ...


No, you don't need to buy the client. The client is completely free and can be downloaded via the battle.net "app". You would not even need to buy the game to download it. But you need to in order to play it of course.


You need to be level 90 before you can access your garrison or any of the other Warlords of Draenor content.


Directly from the comments on the pages you have linked: Super Cooling Module: I found a great place to grind these out. In Shadowmoon valley there is a little path around the cave used for Swamplighter Queen filled with Riot Blossoms and Twilight Riverbeast. Just go up and down that path and inside the cave for a lot of little mobs that die really ...

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