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No, The items will stay in your inventory/bank so you can use them in the next darkmoon faire. I believe this happens for every event. Source: Played since Cataclysm :D


The probabilities for each factional crew type are exactly equal (one in seven). It's just RNG. There are 20 possible Destroyers* and 20 possible Submarines, according to Wowhead, and while only one of each can roll Murloc (Mrgrggrgl Mark III and Brgrggrgl Mark II), the Murloc ships are guaranteed that particular crew. So. for those particular varieties of ...


Expansion on the Darkmoon Faire (DMF): This event occurs at the beginning of every month and lasts a week. There is a buff the merry go round gives called "Whee!" Which lasts up to 60 minutes or death, this provides a 10% leveling experience buff and 10% reputation buff. I recommend getting reapplication as needed. -Obtain the intro quest in any city ...

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