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Your best chances of finding out it's value is checking the auction house of your server. If you can find an already existing auction you can decide whether you want more or less gold than the others who want to sell it. If you cannot find it on your current server you can look up prices on WoWuction to get an estimation of the price. Of course this method ...


No, those items can not be upgraded. This is a precursor to the expansion where no items will be upgradedable. Here is a list of all items from the revamped Upper Blackrock Spire. If you check any of them you will see that there is no upgrade option.


No, this is not a bug. You are actually not playing the expansion itself yet, but its prepatch. Yes, general changes like the item squish, draenor itself and talent changes etc. are already patched in, but the level cap stays 90 until WoD releases (13th of November I think). You currently do the pre-quests for Draenor, these probably intend to gear you up, ...


As others have already said in the comments, the best way is to find a friend/neighbor/acquaintance that owns the game. You can move the WoW installation folder freely between machines and it surely saves time opposed to downloading 20 GB of data. Another way may be to find someone that is willing to download the client for you. Downloading the client ...

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