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Go to settings and select System. Select Storage If you don’t connect any external storage devices to your console, select Hard Drive. If you do use external storage, instead select All Devices Select Profiles Select the profile that you want to delete. Select Delete Select one of the following: Delete Profile Only - This deletes the profile but leaves ...


This is an old question but for everybody looking for an answer right now this would be my answer: If you are a bit handy whith electronics you likely find GIMX ( useful. From their website: GIMX stands for Game Input MultipleXer or Game Input MatriX. The purpose of this free software is to control a video game console with a ...


I do believe this is possible. If you sign in with the account that has gold on "xbox B" and set it as your home xbox, then actually play with the gold account on "xbox A", everybody should be able to play together over xbox live with one the one gold account. See this post In the following link, which provides more info about gold sharing on the Xbox One, ...


I'm fairly sure that if you use the Microsoft Xbox360 wireless adapter, because they use the same protocol, third-party accessories should pair as well. As far as drivers go, anything that works with the MS xb360 controller should work fine.

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