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No Xbox Profiles are bound to a marketplace region and their offers, including their currency. You can migrate profiles from from one region to another. If you switch your current US profile to the Brazilian marketplace you will forfeit the remaining currency on the account till you migrate back (I think) and not be able to buy any US content, your former ...


If you are talking about playing with a friend that sits next to you and using a controller - sure you can play a friendly match against the computer or start a tournament.


I tried and it didn't work. The html div with the submit to actually change it is hidden. So I changed the hidden div but that didn't work either. The redirect is to the profile page and the gamertag is still the same, even after signing in again.


According to this page, "you can easily change your Xbox Live gamertag. If your gamertag was created for you during your initial Xbox Live sign-up (meaning you did not choose your gamertag), you can change the gamertag one time for free." To do this using a web browser (on PC): In a web browser, go to Change gamertag at account.xbox.com (shown in image, ...


You need Xbox Live Gold to play games online. If you want to play online, you must pay for Gold.


No. There is no way to transfer a character from one profile to another.


Downloading Games: Your laptop apparently has internet access. So do the same as you do to your laptop to get internet access to your Xbox console. This might be: Plugging the network cable into the Xbox instead of the laptop. Taking the Xbox into the coffee shop, library or wherever you need to go to access the internet with your laptop. BTW, you'll ...


Your 360 also has a port for an ethernet cable which you can plug directly into the same cable your laptop uses for internet. Alternatively your laptop may come equipped with the ability to become a Wi-Fi Hotspot which lets it share the wired connection out over Wi-Fi, which your 360 could then connect to. A quick search gave me this: ...


You can not download the game via computer, as you need to be using the Xbox operating system in order too access the Microsoft Store giving you access to the game. Xbox Gold is the subscription service required to play games online. The first month is free, and then it generally follows a pay structure of $20 for 2 months, $80 for a year. Having a gold ...

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