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I guess you are asking about playing with a friend with 2 different consoles not in the same network against the computer. The answers is no, you can't sadly.


Yes you can, I do this all the time. Just select the same side when in the controller setup.


Cross platform play between Xbox 360 and PS3 is not possible in GTA5 Sources: Rockstar support forumReddit threadOwn expirience


You will have no problems using the disc. When the Xbox One was first announced, Microsoft introduced a model where newly purchased retail games would be licensed similarly to downloadable titles; you wouldn't need the disc to play if installed, and you'd be able to download and play the game with your Live account on any Xbox One console. However, this ...


No Xbox Profiles are bound to a marketplace region and their offers, including their currency. You can migrate profiles from from one region to another. If you switch your current US profile to the Brazilian marketplace you will forfeit the remaining currency on the account till you migrate back (I think) and not be able to buy any US content, your former ...

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