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It is possible to play with friends on silver xbox live. You need to have another friend that is silver xbox live and then your two friends can play together.


Yes you can. If you want to play online, however, you need to play splitscreen and the other player on your console (there is a max of 2 players per console when playing online) has to have Gold account. You will play as a Guest (not with your account). If you want to play offline it's ok to create up to four splitscreen matches. Summary: Someone in your ...


To play on Xbox Live, either with friends or ransoms, you will need a Gold account. You can however play LAN, or split-screen without a Gold Account. Or, if one of your friends has a Gold account, you can split screen with them, and play as a Guest.


You will need an Xbox Live Gold account to play matches online with other players.


If you go onto Xbox.com then sign in with your main profile that is parent to the others. Then go to accounts. There you can click the profile that your wanting to modify, and from there you can edit all privacy and rating settings.

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