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I believe this is what you are looking for; Xbox 360 Purchase History. Note I got this link after signing into my Australian Xbox Live account and contains en-AU in the link. You may want to try and change it to your region/locale if it doesn't automatically do so for you.


If one account has access to XBox LIVE Gold, you can simply have the other log into the "Guest" account that is on the XBox console.


After you sign in and go to My Account on the Xbox live website, you can go to Payment & Billing. There it should say how much money was credited to your account. I would imagine that they would credit you the equivalent of $20US in Australian dollars, so like $25.83. If this is not the case, I would contact Microsoft but their system should be smart ...


Congratulations! You found the reason why nobody takes Diablo 3 on consoles seriously. (It's too easy to manipulate stats, no seasons, hacked weapons, etc...) It is stupid easy to hack items into the game with these kind of stats, your best bet is to report the player (if possible) and then destroy the item.

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