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I can help you in part from my experience. The ready to install games will be relative to the signed in profiles. Therefore, you can sign out profiles and check the changes. For example, profile A and profile B are signed in. You will see games for both profiles. Sign out profile B. You will now see games for profile A only. I couldn't see another ...


It can be changed through the official Microsoft Xbox website. Following this link, you can sign in, check your desired gametag for availability, and proceed in changing your tag.


As we found out in the comment discussion, the parental settings on your Xbox were blocking the Xbox Live features of Destiny. Once you changed this to a less-restrictive setting, their profiles were able to load Destiny. Specifically, from the adult account (prior to Nov 12, 2015 update): Go to Settings Choose the child account to change (far right) ...


This is very simply, an unfixable issue on your part. This is a bug with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta, and will most likely be fixed in a future release.

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