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There is multiple ways to acess content be it games dlc themes etc. you can for one license transfer which transfer your item Id to a new console without having to be signed in to the account. This stays till someone decides license transfer to a diff console ( unless they don't download that specific item then it will stay active.) Then you can sogn into ...


Yes, buying more Xbox live does 'stack' as you thought. When you have 3 months left of Xbox live and you buy a year more, you now have 1 year and 3 months left. It is also always consecutive and immediate, you have from now until your subscription runs out and there is no way to 'hold' or 'pause' your subscription for any time that you are not using it.


TL:DR Yes Yes, they do stack. If you have 3 months on your account and you buy another 30 days you have 4 months on your account now. Look at Xbox Live membership in days. If I have 24 days of my 30 gold days left and I buy on another 60 days I have 84 days now. Hope that helps


When you purchase a new Xbox Live subscription and add it to your account its start date will be the nearest date in the future which you will not currently be subscribed to Xbox Live. So go ahead and add more time, it won't overlap your current time so you won't waste money.


Yes, using private chat you can chat one to one with another player. You require a gold membership to play online and to chat in a party(Party chat 8 people or so) although some games allow you to be joined or play on weekends etc... As noted at the end of the page on " http://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live" *IMPORTANT! Xbox Live Gold no longer required for some ...


No you can't chat or message with a Silver account, all online play is restricted to Gold members only.


just to be clear... this part "Free Games purchased in Games with Gold will still be yours if you cancel gold membership, you can play them offline and with a free membership." is NOT true!! My account just expired and I was unable to play any of my "free" games. It said I had to renew my gold membership to play them. I renewed and they were available ...


If you are referring to cloud saves, you can still access them but you will not be able to create new saves on the cloud. http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/games/game-saves-in-the-cloud-faq#95d1756ae357488399bdb55c646729be


Yes, your saved data is separate from the game's code/data. You would still have it unless you manually deleted it yourself.


After it signs me out the first time, I just go straight to download profile. Then I select my profile without having to delete it first. Problem is that once you shut off the power to your console it may or may not start over again the next time you power it back on . The last time I went through 10 days of powering on and off before the issue returned.

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