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1) Press the Home Button. 2) Toggle as far to the left as possible, you'll see an Active Downloads category. 3) If you select it, you should find the game in a queue. 4) Selecting that game should give you the option of changing the default download location, as it's definitely supported.


There is no way to transfer "online" data like that. Horizon works by modifying the User ID embedded in the CON package, and re-signing the package to make the console accept it. When the console scans the packages, it will see these packages under the new user, and thus the transfer works. Online services, such as Call of Duty, use a different method. ...


Yes, that is possible. That's exactly how I (and many others) played Skyrim. If you bought Skyrim at launch, no DLC was available. Once you have purchased it, it will integrate naturally with your ongoing character.

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