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As I saw on Wikipedia (French Version :) ), apparently the game had a very simple graphic style, so the whole game was coded in an Unique C file. Here is the french wiki for Geometry Wars. Look at Épisodes to find what I quoted. Hope it helps.


The Xbox 360 does not have Cross Platform play with Windows 10. If you wish to play with your friends on 360, just pick up a refurbished console from your local game store (they are extremely cheap now a days, I'd say less than 100$)


Try the following steps: Do the Xbox live test (You can find it at the Network Settings); Re-download your profile; If your profile data is on a external drive, move it to the internal console HDD; If your console is not updated, accept any updates you have waiting. If none of these steps fix your problem, try contacting Microsoft, your hardware may be ...

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