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You'll need to intercept and assault Overseer UFOs until you manage to clear the wreckage without destroying the Ethereal Device at the center of the UFO. Make sure you aren't blowing it up with explosives.


If the country withdraws, you will lose the satellite. Countries only abandon at 5 panic and only at the end of month (during the report). Launching a satellite reduces panic in that country by 2. If this is done just before the end of month, it is unlikely events will happen to cause panic to rise to 5 before the country pays you. It is a good strategy ...


This appears to be a bug. It has been experienced by other players in these threads in the 2K and Steam community forums (the threads appear to be started by the same player, but in a reply on the Steam thread a second player confirms experiencing it too). The only resolution of the situation mentioned in the threads is to have the units effected killed by ...


An Army Of Four is one of 30 achievements added in XCOM Enemy Within. These achievements will still display on the Steam interface but can't be completed without owning Enemy Within, even if you do what it tells you.

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