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Nope. Once they go, it's for good.


It seems like not many people think about this: Sniper with disabling shot, disable its weapon. Charge your assault(s) forward and blast it (with rapid fire, if possible). Only do this if there are no other enemies around Have support kill off any drones that may be lingering. Heavy do the same if any drones are left, or just hit the sectoid more.


From the wiki article you provided : A MEC or Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit (aka MEC Suit) is a specialized combat rig utilized by a MEC Trooper. Each of the tiers has a different name, bonus stats and a different selection of Tactical Subsystems; Tactical Subsystems stack with those from previous tiers for a total of three available on any ...


When you look at the Reward before accepting the mission, you can see a text that says: New Recruit: [Class] ([Rank]) It is that [Rank] that tells you which rank your new recruit will be. Recruits won as a reward can be of any rank except rookie, while those recruited through the Barracks are without exception rookies*. *: If you have learned ...

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