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Mainly, dashing grants a defensive bonus (-20 Aim) to overwatch shots. I've used it rarely when I need to soak an overwatch with a rookie, to get my shotgunner or heavy into a better position before firing. Another sometimes benefit, is that it will take the absolute shortest path to get to that location. This will allow you to get maximum movement ...


Dashing has a significant benefit on all characters, it decreases chance to be hit by an overwatch shot by 20% since you are running faster.


There is also the curiously inobvious benefit of moving further. As far as I know, you don't get any bonus movement, but if you really need to move to a tile at the farthest possible point, stopping in the middle risks falling short by one: It should always be possible to move to any tile you can dash to in two normal moves, but sometimes it requires you to ...


Easiest way is to buy the Training school upgrade that allows you to hire soldiers as squaddies instead of recruits. It's still random, but every 10 creds you spend gets you a soldier with a class, rather than a recruit you need to survive a mission. Either spend lots of money or reload and rebuy the soldiers til you get what you want - its your choice!

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