The Zerg have several unique features.

  • Zerg thrive on creep, a substance that is produced by Hatcheries, Nydus Worms, Creep Tumors, and optionally, Overlords. It grants the player sight, prevents enemy buildings, and boosts Zerg ground unit speed. Most Zerg buildings must be placed on creep, and will slowly die if their creep is lost.
  • Most units are morphed from larva, which spawns at regular intervals from the primary base structure (Hatchery/Lair/Hive). Additional larva can be spawned at this structure with a Queen.
  • Zerg buildings are morphed from Drones (sacrificing the Drone in the process).
  • Supply is generated by a unit (the Overlord), not a structure.
  • All units and buildings regenerate health over time, without intervention.
  • Some units can burrow and even move underground.
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