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comment Does the XBOX 360 controller have pressure sensitive buttons
I seem to remember a teardown of the original xbox 360 controller questioning why the pressure sensitive contacts were under the d-pad and not the 4 main face buttons. They suggested that it was a design mistake and not a design decision. As the d-pad did not have pressure sensitive implementation in the games that were out, and the original xbox had pressure sensitive buttons. However, that was just speculation, and I cannot find the 7 year-old article now. :/
comment Why are my enchanted items worth less and less?
Sorry this just isn't true. I loaded up some old save games and compared items between my level 14 and level 23 characters. The "inventory value" of enchanted and non-enchanted items is the same.
comment Little numbers on city screen on Civ 2
Wow, this is an interesting one. I can't find anything in the manual. Maybe it is some sort of debugging output that got left in the game?