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Located in Sydney? Send me an email. Always looking for useful contacts for some local co-ops. valamas@gmail.com

Current Favourite Games

Simcity (v5 or 2013) [PC]
Civilization 5 [PC]
Battlefield 4 [PC]
Halo 1, 2, 3 [XBOX 360]
Fight Night 4 [XBOX 360]
Samsung Galaxy S3 games

Past Favourite Games

Battlefield 2 [PC]
CIV 1-4 (original boxes) [PC]
Halo 1 (love this version) [XBOX & XBOX 360]
Pirates on [C64]
Grand Prix Circuit [C64]
Rebel Star [Amstrad]


Current: Win8.1x64 (Classic Shell and no full screen start screen) I7-2600K
16Gb Ram
ASUS GTX 660 (Dual Graphics with Palit GTX 460) for Quad Monitors
Intel Sold State

XBOX 360

Past Platforms

WII (blush)
386DX 40 w/ 4Megs of ram w/ 80 Megs harddrive (yes, megs).
Commodore 64 (learned basic)
First PC - Dicksmith Wizard (learned basic).

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