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comment Why do high elo junglers not buy boots?
But you cannot gank on half hp either. My first thought would be they want more sustain before they go for speed. Also, i wonder what gives a shorter jungle time, jungle item (less time at the camp), or boots (less time between camps).
comment Am I playing easy or normal?
If you are new to the game, and can make it past sector 2, you are probably playing on easy. That said, even easy can be pretty darn hard the first time. The best way to know is to remember what you select on the new game selection screen.
comment Is this board solvable?
It is not just luck, there are still 2 locations where you should not gamble for. Keep thinking.
comment How can I minimize my chances of losing in Minesweeper?
If we're looking for minesweeper game, go play mamono sweeper. hojamaka.com/game/mamono_sweeper/en.html And if that's too easy, try "Other difficulty".
comment Is killing Baron worth losing a turret?
It's 300x5+25 gold actually. 1525 gold total.
comment How do I duplicate the blue Waldo's routine with the red one?
Btw, if red covers 100% of the screen. You can make half of it blue, copy the blue thing to the left, then make the first part red again. At least you got half the thing copies in 6 clicks. You can repeat this again with half the remaining part, so you have 75% coverd. After that you probably want to fill in the last 25% manually with shortcuts.
comment How do I duplicate the blue Waldo's routine with the red one?
Oops, part of my message got cut off. I know this wont work on huge waldo paths, but when red covers 2/3rd of the screen, you can still copy 1/3, make it blue, and then copy the other 1/3. Sometimes you will need to fill some space in-between manually. I know it's not perfect, but it's the closed you get :)
comment How often should I cheese my low-level opponents?
What Budda say is exactly right. If you want to improve, you need to face good opponents first. If 6 pool get you there, go do it. However, one important thing to keep in mind is 1) Do not fear to lose tons of games when you switch strat. 2) Always keep working toward a common mid game goal in all games. See day9 episode 309.
comment How do I increase the framerate in Duke Nukem Forever?
Could you add your system specifications? Your vidiocard is not the bottleneck for sure, but there is a good change you lack somewhere else. Might be anything from low MEM to slow CPU to slow mobo.