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I play only a few games competitively.

  • Starcraft 2
  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Once in a while I play other games, but I do not spend much time on them. I like to delve into a game until I understand all concepts and strategies that make it work.

Some of my favorite games are:

  • Warcraft III
  • Half Life
  • Phantasy Star IV
  • Fallout 1, 2 & 3

I hate MMORPGs and think they are a waste of time, especially WOW.

comment Can I use my Xbox 360 controller to play PC games?
You only need one Wireless Gaming Receiver. It supports up to 4 Wireless Controllers.
comment How do I insert symbols in “Games for Windows Live” messages?
Props to you for finding this information. I modified your answer, as it needed only some tweaking.
comment How do I insert symbols in “Games for Windows Live” messages?
Is this definitely not possible? I mean there are many custom fonts, like Windings that might include this symbol. MS could use a custom font for Games for Windows Live.
comment How should I play Guile against Ryu/Ken users?
This is a Ryu guide for the matchup, but you can still use the information. It is from Canada's best Ryu player AirRyu. It might be a bit dated, but the information still applies.
comment Is it possible to pass the written citizenship test?
Well its 1000 EXP and you do not need it to get inside :)
comment Can I use a game controller to play Diablo 3?
Well please prove me wrong. I dislike people just claiming something is wrong. I am quite sure that all my points are valid. The answer "No..." might be open to discussion, depending on the limitations you are willing to accept.
comment Can Banelings overkill?
Yeah, but what would happen if drop a Marine into a bunch of Banelings? Would only 2 detonate?
comment Is an arcade stick necessary to play at a professional level?
I would still go with an Arcade Stick, as nearly 99% of all professional players use them. This way you KNOW it is you and not your stick, because they are very reliable. And if it is just for the money, you will spend less money on an Arcade Stick on the long run than on pads, as the later break all the time.
comment Do the video settings affect the visibility of cloaked units?
Could you describe the settings in more detail in your answer or just make a screenshot with the suggested settings. I know what you mean, but others might not.
comment What are the pros and cons to Elective Mode in Diablo 3?
Just a note: You can enable elective mode, select your skills and disable elective mode. Then you cannot accidentally drag skills off your action bar.
comment Choosing a BattleTag, how is it used?
Many Starcraft players do not want to be "found" thus they use something like |||||||||||||. There are a ton of similar accounts and many search engines, like sc2ranks.com do not allow special characters, thus it is not possible to query this name. The only possiblity to look at their accounts is to play against them. While this is not Diablo related the BattleTag system works the same.
comment Can I somehow check the supply of an ally in a team game?
This post sais: "if you click on an ally's unit in a teamgame (after he's left) the indicator in the top right will show his supply count, rather than yours." But it does not work for me. Can anyone test if this works?
comment Where can Terran spend extra minerals after building a tier 2-3 army?
I never said you should not invest into upgrades. They are really cheap in the late game. But you need infrastructure first. Your upgrades are not that important if you start dropping. Still even without upgrades a 100 Marines are better than 5000 Minerals in the bank and no units.
comment Why are you forced to play without your follower against diablo when playing solo?
AFAIK Diablo does not have an enrage timer. If you had a follower you could just run around the whole time and let your follower deal the damage.
comment How can I train build orders with increased delay?
This is true, but you will get the optimal lag (100-200 ms). I thought of something like 350+ ms because those are the games I struggle the most with.
comment What race would be better for a beginner in Starcraft 2?
I agree with your conclusion, but I would go with different arguments. 1) Protoss with similar base counts has the strongest late game army. 2) Because "timing attacks" start kicking in at Gold league you have a greater chance to get to the late game. (see #1) 3) Protoss have the "ball" which is really easy to play once you get the required unit mix. 4) Protoss have a really good scout with the observer. 5) Stalker / Zealot is really good if the opponent does not micro, way better than Marine / Marauder or Zerglings.
comment How do we defend against double 6 poolers in 2v2?
You can go for a 10 pool by default against 2 Zerg. While this will help you against one opponent you will still die against two opponents, but you should be able to delay them heavily. Just run around with your lings and let them chase you.
comment How to watch Replays with double click after copying the install folder to new computer?
I already have this association and this does not solve my problem.
comment Can I somehow check the supply of an ally in a team game?
I looked into this and found those two threads: eu.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/708342190 and teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=135980 . Neither has a solution. It seems this is a known problem, but Blizzard does not address it.
comment How do I play Age of Empires multiplayer on Windows 7?
@naxa: I have posted a real solution ^^