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I used to enjoy programming but I don't have a great skill though. I began with C:64 BASIC then C/C++ Then I got involved into PHP (LAMP/WAMP) and developed my own CMS (actually do look like a blog more than a complete website) I did a management software in Delphi as a trainee for a company.

I feel quite confident about my understanding of codes and algorithms but I don't feel confident about managing a huge and serious program in most languages I know (except PHP and perhaps Delphi)

List of code, definition or scripting languages I have been using once :

  1. C:64's BASIC 1/5
  2. Windows Batch 4/5
  3. (Command files) 4/5
  4. C/C++ 3/5
  5. HTML 5/5
  6. CSS 3/5
  7. JavaScript/JScript(Microsoft implementation) 4/5
  8. PHP with MySQL 4/5
  9. Delphi 4/5
  10. C# 1/5
  11. Bash/sh 3/5
  12. sed/awk (RegExp engines) 3/5
  13. Java 2/5

Marks 1) Poor knowledge (superficial) 2) Basic knowledge 3) Medium knowledge 4) Quite good knowledge 5) Good or very good knowledge

I'm now trying to get into Java in my spare time.

Languages/frameworks that may potentially interest me :

  1. Python
  2. Perl
  3. XUL

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