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comment Can I force a dwarf to become sane?
But... where's the fun in that?
comment How can I prepare/build my fortress to handle large populations?
Step 1: Make sure you have a really good computer. It gets slow later on. But more seriously, macro keys are your best friend, if your keyboard has them. I have my default bedroom dig set to one, furnishing set to another, then assign as a bedroom set to another, with moving between rooms in the macro so I can do a whole row of rooms by mashing one key.
comment Does an N64 system display a black screen when turned on without a game cart?
@Mufasa I know it has worked for me on a Genesis and N64. Can't say if the blowing helped or if it was just reinserting, but it has worked on multiple occasions.
comment How do I open the gate in the seperate section of level 5?
Could you take a screenshot of your map and circle the spot with the gate you can't get?
comment I dislike the current head of my dynasty, can I arrange an accident for him?
Nowhere near surefire, but you could keep organizing hunts, as a lot of those events give you some minor chance of dying. And, of course, to the computer, it seems 1% chance of death == 80% chance of death...
comment Is dying while naked cheaper than dying with clothes?
Seeing this question on the stack exchange main page devoid of context made me think, "Yep, gaming's at it again."
comment Are enemy Dragon's Shouts tied to magicka?
Off work and out of class. Going to go try it now. I forgot I could use console commands.
comment What determines when you do a finishing move?
In Soviet Russia, enemy finish you!
comment Are inter-racial marriages frowned upon?
Yet another great title for everyone to gawk at when it shows up in 'hot questions'...
comment Are thieves at a disadvantage when it comes to dragon fights?
I can't give any definite answer since I haven't gotten to play yet, but it seems like you could use Alchemy to make some poison and go for poison + bow and arrows. Plus, I do remember one of the developer things I read talking about how they want everyone to be able to kill at least one dragon, so it should scale appropriately [citation needed].
comment Does an N64 system display a black screen when turned on without a game cart?
+1 for blowing in the cartridge.