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comment Avoiding spawn kills in team deathmatch?
TDM is a kill fest for everyone and everyone gets good and bad spawns so it kind of balances out. If your gun play is on par then you can usually "fight your way out of the corner" and survive a little longer. In fact, I've used TDM to practice and hopefully improve my appalling gun accuracy! It's MUCH worse in COD games as the gun accuracy is much higher and there is no surpression effect that might give you a chance to fight/flight and survive. Play TDM as it's intended and take the adrenaline rush.
comment What is the range of the EOD bot?
@Jeff : I'm not sure if this is helpful and informative, or just plain sad! :) It must of taken an AGE to do that. It's bad enough when you have to run from the deployment to the first flag/mcom...
comment What is the significance of the star next to your name in the squad list?
@CraigPilgrim - OK, but is there anything significant to being a squad leader. When a squad leader get's spotted, they become VERY visible so I hope there is an upside to it!