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Semi-amateur software developer. Rage-fueled HCI geek. Lover > Fighter. Python > Java, unless you want to get paid.

I support my nefarious activities by working as a developer at Barracuda Networks.

I am way into Dwarf Fortress at the moment. I used to play Dungeon Crawl and NetHack. Gotta love them ASCIIs, I guess.

I have taught myself Python, Perl, Java, Javascript with varying levels of completeness, and learned C++ and general OOP magic via a class and some work experience. I also did some machine learning work in my larval stage. Although I haven't learned every single feature, I grok Python in fullness; it was my first language, and this mighty tome has irreparably biased me toward the Pythonic way of doing things, even in cases when I know it to be wrong.

I mostly work with Java and the Play! and Spring Frameworks these days. Sadly, I prefer application programming to web programming by a wide margin, but that's not where the money is these days.

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