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BSc and PGDip in Computer Science from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Specialise in Operating Systems, Networking, Hardware, AI with experience in Web/Database Development and as a Business Analyst. Currently working as a Software Developer and Sys Admin.

comment Help! I'm trapped in a wall!
Just to expand on what Brant said, if you dont have enough money to use a waypoint, then either the money will be taken from your bank or, if you dont have any in the bank, the closest waypoint to you will be free to use.
comment What happens when you deposit all collectibles?
@RavenDreamer You can also remove items from the bank when at a crafting station, as you have full access to your bank from there.
comment What is a contested waypoint?
True, I forgot to mention that.
comment How do players link Alistar's Headbutt and Pulverize in an instant?
It doesnt have to be low ping. I am in NZ and play on NA servers, get roughly 180ms ping, yet I can do the combo 80% of the time. What I've found to be most important is to be in range when you W, and then hit Q almost straight away and it works. If you are out of range of your W at the start, it becomes much more difficult to time.