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Interested in music, gaming and programming. Build & Deploy Architect by day. Geek by night. Mountain biker on the weekend.

comment What is the blue swirl of wind that drains my magicka in Skyrim?
I've noticed it in dungeons. Labyrinthian for sure.
comment Can I play games made for Windows on a Mac?
I've gone the dual boot route for games that are Windows only. I've pleasantly discovered that my iMac is a ballsy Windows gaming machine! You should also consider checking out Humble Bundles which provide cross-platform games.
comment How do I defeat a Wispmother in Skyrim?
I'm level 13 and the one in Labyrinthian Thoroughfare is totally kicking my butt. Fire doesn't do much of anything. My shout damages her but not by very much. Haven't been able to defeat her yet. She's harder to be than any dragon I've fought yet.