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I'm an electrical engineer currently working as a software engineer and developer. Prior to that, I was a computer tech for 6 months at a independently owned computer store while I looked for an actual engineering job.

I'm a big gamer, with a lot of it taking place on the PC, but I also own a 360 and PS3.

I've started doing a KSP Let's Play. Check out my first series!

comment Using a command to test when a player eats something
Checking if a player is holding a food item is possible, but it's much harder, and is too complicated to easily implement. As for the video: youtu.be/BUxlOvU4P94
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answered Using a command to test when a player eats something
comment Minecraft Command Blocks Help - Selecting previous target in a second command block
As a bit of an update, there may be a way to prevent owning a diamond sword while still notifying those players that have it removed as well. I haven't tested anything, so I don't know for sure at this point.
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comment Could not connect ('Minecraft PE')
Please give use the exact error message, otherwise it's a bit hard for us to help you.
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comment What priorities do I need to do commands while on my minecraft server
You need to add yourself as op from the server console or ops.txt (I think) before you can use commands like /whitelist
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comment Minecraft redstone logic - comparing 6 inputs
@ViktorSeifert then I challenge you to build a full implementation with basic gates. A binary decoder/encoder might be feasible, but it still won't be as small as Kcats' solution.