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I work on the Careers 2.0 team at Stack Overflow. In my spare time I like to build and launch high power rockets, and I am also a competition programming enthusiast.

I am married to the wonderful account manager Mary Paige Larsen and we live in Atlanta with our first child Henry, our dachshund Maddy and our orange cat Abe.

comment In the lore of Warcraft do Shamans have a special relationship with Murlocs?
On the flip side, this could very well be foreshadowing for expansion content to come in WoW.
comment How do I play against Hunters as a Zoo Warlock?
It's less awkward than holding a Soulfire and a Doomguard when you need to deal 9 damage in 1 turn. With this deck you usually run out of cards by or on turn 6 and at that point you need the punch with every draw. Two Argent commanders is usually a bit steep on the mana curve for this deck but having 1 in there sure feels good when you're thinking about what could draw on the next turn to win.
comment My wife tried to kill me! What did I do wrong?
@James do you have evidence of that?