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comment Can Ionic Spark proc more than once with area on-hit attacks?
@Grace Note It probably does. When I was playing as Shyvana I wasn't 100% sure if it was proccing, so I didn't mention that here.
comment How do I strategically use Promote?
@theorise: I agree with you on that, but I generally find that it does not cause that much of a concern, especially if you have warded. I am not saying push all the way to their tower, but moreso to push them back to the safe farm position.
comment Does overkill damage count towards leveling perks?
It was from some testing I did. As a Support Specialist I did a Beginner Short game and did my best to keep track of what all I killed then added up the total health and compared it to what my perk progress was before and after. Was roughly the same. It isn't easy keeping track of so many dead things when they are trying to eat your face. :)