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Hi my name is Derrick and I am a proud "gaymer". My fav game of all time is Just Cause 2 because Rico Rodriguez is just so sexy (dat ass). I am a big fan of Justin Beiber. I have degree in software engineering and am currently working on a Justin Bieber game as a side project.

I've clearly been hacked, but I'm keeping the above for fun.

I also always have sand in my Vagina.

comment Is there any reason to fight enemies in Chapters 1-2?
After playing and researching some more, it seems that Chapter 2 is the best place for obtaining Deceptisol and Fortisol shrouds (gamefaqs.com/ps3/928790-final-fantasy-xiii/faqs/67989), but to most gamers this isn't important.
comment In Riven, why are there six marbles for five domes?
@MBraedley You mean the sixth colour is left out because it's the colour of the main dome? Possible...
comment What the franzlegarb is Simlish?
This doesn't really answer my question about the song lyrics, but I'll try to match the words on these lists with the songs to see if there really is a one-to-one correlation.
comment What the franzlegarb is Simlish?
I couldn't find a general The Sims tag so I used these to help with searching etc. Feel free to change them.
comment What are the differences between the PS2 and PS3 versions of Fifa 12?
Thanks both. You're right, I should get an actual PS3 version. I won't return the other though; instead I'll bestow it on a PS3-less friend for Christmas =)
comment Does the Uncharted 1&2 Twin Pack come with the bonuses of Uncharted 2 GOTY?
That's my thinking too; thanks for providing your experience. I'll get the twin pack then and leave an update for any curious Aussies.