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I'm a web developer and I love to work with open source technology stacks. So far I have been involved in projects that let me gain experience with the following:

  • Web layout: GIMP and Photoshop;
  • Front end: Javascript with Prototype, jQuery, Backbone and RequireJS, XHTML with plain CSS and LESS, Bootstrap;
  • Back end: PHP and perl with mostly MVC-type paradigm, Smarty and Template Toolkit templating engines;
  • Databases: PostgreSQL with stored procedures and triggers in PL/pgSQL;
  • Unit testing: Test::Class for perl and Jasmine, JsTestDriver for JavaScript, pgTAP for PostgreSQL.

I am very excited about Python, Ruby and also willing to give Node.js a try in the near future. I am eagerly waiting for a project that will allow me to dive into any of those technologies to gain first-hand experience.

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