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Ryan is a freelance software engineer with over 10 years of software experience working with and for big-name clients such as Red Hat, Discovery Channel, AOL, Toyota, the National Academy of Sciences, and more. Ryan has helped teams deliver award-winning applications that drive business processes, site traffic, and profit. Ryan is the owner of Sonata Cove Sofware and puts his experience and creativity to work to build amazing solutions for the web, desktop and mobile devices. Ryan has a B.S. in Computer Science from UVA-Wise and a M.S. in Software Engineering from George Mason University.

comment Who do I talk to to buy a house in Falkreath?
Awww, would have been the perfect place for my wood elf. Thanks, Mark!
comment Can I have multiple team members in the Presidential Suite in Fallout: New Vegas?
Ok, so parting ways sends them to the Lucky 38, and not "I'm done with you and forfeit your quests" like I was afraid of. Thanks, Fizz!
comment Kinect compatibility
+1 Basically, every Xbox 360 game CAN use Kinect, but not every Xbox 360 game WILL use Kinect.