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comment How much health do each of the zombies have?
@Hound That is false, please read myth #1 on this page. You should assume a copyright unless otherwise stated. And the actual definition of the word license means to give permission to use something. To say that something does not have a license literally means that it has not been authorized for your use.
comment Cannot get past start screen in Spore
James you are correct. The galaxy is the saved game selection screen. Several planets in the galaxy should be highlighted, and when you click one, it should prompt you to start a new game there or load an existing game.
comment Strange NPC behavior during the battle of Windhelm
austin, did you find a solution to this? (do you remember?) I know it's been a long time but I've just now gotten to this part, with the same result. I don't know what to do, reloading earlier saves doesn't help...
comment Convert Facebook Account to User/Password Account
What happens if you dissociate your Facebook account from your character? Wouldn't you then NEED to create an account name? Perhaps then it'll prompt you?
comment What is the best layer to mine for gold in Minecraft?
Where did you find that image? That's excellent!
comment Is there a way to replace the web browser in steam?
@Mechko have you considered a netbook? I keep my netbook beside my main computer for reasons like this.
comment Why does plugging in a monitor improve AA performance?
Are you plugged into the AC adapter in both cases? Your video card might go into a low-power mode when the laptop is unplugged from power. I'm not sure what else might change about the MacBook when you plug in the external monitor. At this point I'm wondering if there's some software setting that is turning the graphics card to full power when you plug in your external monitor, but I'm a Windows and Linux guy, not a Mac guy, sorry. My answers so far have applied to all computers in general but OSX problems are out of my scope...
comment Why does plugging in a monitor improve AA performance?
Your MBP's resolution is high, the external monitor resolution is low. Your video card can smoothly play at a low resolution. Therefore, when you use your external monitor the resolution is low and your game is smooth; when your monitor is NOT plugged in, the MBP resolution is high, so you have to turn it down in order for the video card to smoothly play the game. As Dave said, your information fits my answer. Also, no, a monitor does not process graphics; it takes the screen pixels and displays them in a physical form, that's all.
comment Is it bad to stretch your resolution?
I agree with this answer. +1
comment How do I get the cake in Portal?
I believe this to be a serious question and I think it should be reopened and properly answered. Something like: It is possible to not die in the fire; look around you!
comment How do you get up the endless stairs on Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64?
I'm not so sure about the long jump thing. I'm pretty sure the staircase is not climbable...