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I'm a hybrid programmer / web designer / psychology researcher. I'm currently doing internet-based psychological interventions with a University of California health research lab, trying to help folks learn skills for creating positive emotions and coping with stress effectively.

I also help non-technologically-inclined researchers and administrators manage and collate large datasets. Munging unruly text files may not be glamorous, but you'd be surprised how often it's what gets the science done.

comment What does Spirit of the Night do?
I believe spirit of the night also increases your speed. And it makes you look totally badass.
comment Binding of Isaac achievements and Steam in-game not working
Thanks for the answer, Crag. Guess it just sucks to be a mac user, buying games that are partially supported and they don't even think it's worth it to tell you.
comment Is Bad Piggies nondeterministic?
All computer RNGs are strictly deterministic, unless the computer is hooked up to a geiger counter or something. Is there something about Box2D that prevents it from being seeded with the microsecond, or some other quickly-changing input that makes the results infeasible to predict?
comment Can Sith use lightsabers of any other colour than red or yellow?
I sympathize, but why not edit the answer to include the fact that it's changed? That way future seekers are less likely to be unintentionally misled, and future voters are less likely to downvote you too. EDIT: I wrote my response before fbueckert's had loaded...
comment How do I start Super Melee mode in The Ur-Quan Masters?
This drove me nuts on a few occasions too. I find the player 2 controls almost unusable, so you'll usually want to set the human player to player 1 (the bottom of the screen).
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comment Where's the line between friends and lovers?
+1 for asking the question in a manner that presents technical detail, yet with the kind of mounting panic one might expect IRL.
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