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I'm a self-taught game developer and software programmer. I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Signal Processing. I'm now working as a professional software engineer.

I'd spent a great deal of time as a 2D Actionscript game developer, and am also familiar with C, C++, Java, C#, HTML/CSS, Python, Perl, MySQL. In my free time I think about how to develop mobile games for Android.

My current project focus is C#.

Apart from programming, with what spare time I have left, I do pencil sketching, digital painting, and 3D modeling. My tools are mainly Photoshop and Blender. Check out my gallery here: http://cardinal4.deviantart.com

Perhaps one day I'll be able to draw assets for my own game.

I'm bilingual in English and Chinese, and have minimal knowledge of Japanese.

comment How to do in game text chat in Assassins creed 3?
id: ionParallax. disclaimer, i only login on random days, heh. :)
comment AC:R Waiting for Players multiplayer glitch
The 1.02 patch is the DLC maps with 2 day trial right? Yup I already updated that one. Leaving is a real shame because sometimes there's the most awesome people in the game, argg. :(
comment How would map DLCs affect me joining a game?
That seems to tilt the matches in favor of DLC maps, doesn't it?