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Student currently enrolled in the Villanova School of Business, Class of 2016.

Anticipating majors in both Management Information Systems as well as Financial Accounting. Anticipating a minor in Business Analytics.

comment Why do cars “sway” back and forth?
Oops, sorry, forgot to include that in my answer. I'm using Logitech's G27.
comment Wireless Headset with Wired Controller?
Yes, I have, and all that does is knock the headset off that Ring of Light until you hit the Connect button on the headset again, whereby it'll just default to 3rd and 4th quadrants (skipping over 1st and 2nd). Thanks for your answer though, I really want this to work! :(
comment How can I get rid of hackers in Halo 1 PC?
As Viper_Sb said, yes, the host can kick you out of the game. That doesn't mean that they're not allowed to join back to the game or any other host's game, for that matter.