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comment What is the spawn rate of Witches in Minecraft
here is a wiki article on witch farming that may help some:
comment What potions can my followers use?
I've tried a few other followers and it sees like they have favorite potions. You'll need to do trial and error.
comment I've lost my wife. Where can I find her?
I had the exact same spouse. I lost her right after the ceremony. I searched 2 houses and her old room. I came back to the temple and waited till 8am. she poped up and started nagging me. I never should have gotten married. sigh.
comment What potions can my followers use?
update: I hired stenvar and gave him these potions: Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Frenzy, Healing, Fortify Health, Fortify one-hand, minor healing, minor stamina, plentiful healing, regeneration. He only drank fortify health. - he's dead. I'll try a different follower and see what happens to her.
comment What potions can my followers use?
Sorry. I stopped using followers because they keep making trouble. I also made a pair of boots that let me carry a ton of stuff. So the follower become pointless. I'll try it and see in the next day or so.
comment Shadowmere fell off a cliff and died. How do I get him back?
@Rotenegg The same source also had this to say: If you run off a small cliff, (enough to kill a horse, but not you), Shadowmere will die. He can also die from any other cause of damage, weapons, magic, etc. If Shadowmere dies on the PC version of Skyrim, a new one can be spawned at the player's location by using the console command, (without quotes), "player.placeatme 0009CCD7". Another option is to target Shadowmere's body and typing resurrect in the console command box.
comment Skyrim Bows: Light or Heavy One?
I have a pretty high alchemy skill (78) and found it was easy to make potions of paralysis + ravage health. I like any bow that will let me sneak in and add this poison. It usually stops everything except a dragon or a giant, though I did one shot a giant with it once. Used a flawless Elven bow.