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comment Yet another Minecraft crash report - my server goes down
The only thing we support is vanilla Minecraft, I'm afraid. If you want us to help, try removing all your mods, and then seeing if it works. If it still crashes, that's an error we might be able to help with.
comment How to join an idle/achievement server?
User has not come back since asking. I don't believe there's enough here to be able to help, so I am voting to close as unclear.
reviewed Close How to join an idle/achievement server?
comment So I'm stuck in the Mongolian Tower in Stick of Truth somehow. Help no exit in floor under boss fight!
If you've figured it out, I'd recommend telling us what the answer is. You can help more readers!
comment How can I complete GTA: San Andreas without using cheat codes?
@TZHX Answers can save a question, but it has to be a valid question. If you want this question to stick around, I would recommend putting some effort into editing it into something that is valid. That would improve the question, get it reopened, and save the answer, all in one go.
comment When was each pokemon game made?
If you don't want to accept an answer, that's your perogative, but stating it as part of your question isn't relevant, so I've removed it.
revised When was each pokemon game made?
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reviewed Reviewed Beacon building problem
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comment Portal Timeline
You...should probably clean this up. I think there's a question there, but it seems to be sorta buried.
revised Is there a way to do custom /say commands?
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reviewed Reject At what levels do heroes in Hearthstone earn gold cards?
comment Fastest Car in Grand Theft Auto V PC
We don't allow duplicate questions, regardless of the age of the previous one. That's what updating answers are for.
comment Minecraft won't work offline
We're not in the business of helping bypass network protections. I suspect they have specifically blocked Minecraft, and that's why it's not working.
comment minecraft crashed on world load
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about a modded Minecraft crash. We only support vanilla Minecraft crashes.
comment Tekkit server error. dose not want to start
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it about diagnosing a modded Minecraft crash. We only support non-modded Minecraft.
revised Not able to select any weapon
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revised FIFA 14 PS4 Career Mode Virtual Pro Low Match Ratings
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comment Laptop gets heated rapidly while playing games
Yes, that's because the games you're playing are taxing the system. Any other piece of software that would tax your system to that degree would cause the same symptoms to appear, and you seem to know that; you're not asking us to help you fix your game, but how to fix your laptop. That's outside our expertise. @Studoku I...think they'd take it; it is a hardware question, after all.
comment How do I kill Hans Volter?
Please summarize the video's information as it pertains to this question. That way, if this video ever goes down, your answer is still valid.