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Student @ HoGent Belgium; specialization iOS development in Swift.

comment Minecraft Technic Pack - Respawn/Blank inventory
be sure to report a bug to the technic pack creators through questions.technicpack.net
comment Minecraft - Secret passage behind staircase?
I think the problem could lie in then fact that pistons act like they are 2 blocks tall, so if you power one diagonally above it, you can create a Block Update Detector (aka BUD), so if you power the bottom ones, power the top ones and then remove the power to the bottom ones, they will still be extended, because they are still powered. I think that because the top ones are powered and you try to unpower the bottom ones, they will remain extended, and there you have the situation that I can see in the second and third image.
comment Besides Death, what else happens when you die?
good question! I think that they can be revived or so, because there is a lot of magic involved.
comment Where can I find a League of Legends tutorial?
thanks! This post was very helpful!