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comment Some menu screens have sides “cut off” on 4:3 screen resolutions in Mass Effect 1 (unreal engine 3)
I actually wrote that myself while trying to find a fix for this issue.
comment Are the Different Characters Unique from a Gameplay Perspective?
I'm pretty sure there are minor differences - like some characters can't be stacked, some of the teensy wizards have slightly different magic attacks, and the princess can grab ledges instead of falling, but I can't find confirmation anywhere, I'll have to look into it further...
comment Call of Duty 4 single player crash to desktop
@Studoku and Jutschge, your comments don't seem to make any sense. Was this answer edited after you commented, or something? I can't see any edits, looks like a completely ordinary answer to me... do you have some kind of bots commenting? The comments look copy-pasted...?
comment Will the water go on forever, or is there some secret eventually?
@fluffy, nah, rotating didn't work.
comment How to fix USB gamepad problem with Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Classics 1
Wait, you actually have a working controller that still uses an old PC game port? I didn't know any motherboards or PCI cards still came with those! There are lots of very good USB controllers though, and of course USB adapters for every game console's controllers. All available cheaply on eBay.
comment How to use the HORI Real Arcade Pro EX stick for Xbox 360 in WinKawaks?
Pro tip: never suggest closing to the mods on any stackexchange site! There are always half a dozen or so who are genuinely obsessive about "question purity" and are more than willing to close perfectly legitimate questions for no good reason, so don't tempt them!
comment At what portion of the game will Brute Splicers stop appearing?
Forget Brute Splicers - the Spider Splicers disappearing is a much bigger problem. Researching them is the only way to get the very useful final "fast-movement" tonic, but they stop appearing about half way through the game and don't come back near the end. I was stuck walking slowly the whole game.
comment Bioshock 2 farming cash strategies
What difficulty are you playing on? I have a full wallet all the time...
comment Can I walk faster?
In Bioshock 2, the first speed boost tonic is acquired easily early on, but for the second you need to do a lot of camera research on spider splicers (the ones that climb on the roof a lot and carry hooks) and they only appear in one or two places in the game, so make sure you get it. I missed out.
comment Using the Mayflash GameCube to USB adapter. All buttons work except the C-Stick?
If you have the [Mayflash PC051]( one, does it support windows 8? does it support rumble? Do wavebirds work?
comment I've finished Bioshock - now what?
I should add, if you want do to hear all the audio logs, but don't have the time to find them in the game, you can find them all online with a little googling.
comment How can I change the location Steam saves games on?
You can't; there's no one place steam saves all your save games too, because most games create save files themselves. Steam doesn't even know where each game puts them. Foolishly, many game developers like to invent new and unexpected places to store you saved games, making it difficult to backup and move them. The exceptions are the new games that support Steam Cloud (once again, it's up to the game what goes into the Steam Cloud, but save files are usually included).
comment How do I destroy tanks in Crysis?
This is a famous gameplay fail in Crysis. It's not clear at all how to destroy the tanks. I shot a couple of missiles then ran out, but didn't bother trying more missiles because they had no visible effect (unlike frag grenades, which at least made the tanks on the back smoke)
comment Is it bad to stretch your resolution?
I almost want to tell him "Yes! It will fry your PC!" Just so he doesn't play it blurred and stretched...
comment Compatibility of controllers for PC games
@user28015: Added clarification, now that a couple of other controllers support XInput too.
comment How to play Amiga games on PC
Plenty of USB game controllers are available online cheaper and better than most of the original Amiga ones. If you really want to use an original one, you can get even get USB adaptors.
comment How can I use an Xbox 360 controller to play Steam games?
I should add for anyone wanting to use a controller in games that don't support it, try keyboard emulation programs.
comment Choosing an end point for Just Cause 2 (spoilers)
Thanks, answers my question plus some great info.
comment How do I use my Xbox 360 control pad in Mass Effect 3?
Drives me nuts. Mouse gives me RSI, I have to use control pad (the controller they designed they game for). Smug "mouse and keyboard is superior" idiots. Thank goodness there are easy fixes out there to counteract the damage done by these PC-master-race morons.
comment Should I buy a gamepad or joystick for PC gaming on my Media Center?
For reasons to get the 360 controller (not just any controller) see this question.