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Right now, i'm very enthusiastic about test automation and writing understandable code.

comment Ping level in League of Legends
Although some information can be gained from these graphs, you can't make the kind of conclusions mentioned in this answer. This is because of the elo system. If you play consistently, and always have about the same ping, you'll end up winning 50% of the games since you'll meet evenly matched teams. This is regardless of if your ping is 20 or 200. My guess is that the win rate is higher for low pings since lots of players don't always have the same ping, so the only conclusion I'd dare to make is that if you have unusually low ping compared to what you're used to, you're more likely to win.
comment Snow in the nether
@RustyMembers They do damage to the Ender dragon as well.
comment Why does this redstone circuit burn out?
So when you flip the switch, the torch stops glowing, and when you reset the switch it starts again. Is that the result you're currently getting?
comment How can I keep ghosts out of my machine?
The reson for using obsidian could be that you want to protect your circuits from creeper explosions.
comment Are there gremlins in my nether portals?
Instead of trying to fix this, you can (ab)use it to safely get all the obsidian you want.